You’ve probably seen our bright orange Vito cruising around Melbourne—well, so did Mercedes-Benz, they spotted our vibrant ride and were instantly obsessed. They wanted to follow us for a day and see how we roll with their Vito.

We kicked off the day by hitting up the Cremorne hotspots, the home turf of bobby where we visited bobby cafes and friends of the brand. Mercedes-Benz Vans spent the day hanging out with the bobby crew, and they couldn't help but ask, "Why the orange van?"

Well, Bobby is all about vibrancy and energy, so orange was the perfect choice. That’s why we wrapped our Vito in Bobby Orange. All eyes on us with this baby (we love the attention).

  • Our lunchtime stopover? Coe and Coe, one of our favourite Bobby hangouts, for a mouthwatering lunchtime feast and an iced cold bobby. Their sandwich range is legendary—if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! Even the Mercedes crew was all in.

  • To finish off our adventure, we invited the Mercedes team to our second-edition magazine launch party. The night was a blast with plenty of bobby's flowing and epic tunes. If you’ve heard the buzz, you know it was a night to remember.

    So, if you’re cruising around Melbourne, keep an eye out for the iconic Bobby van and give us a cheeky honk if you’re feeling thirsty!

  • Honestly, bobby fam, it's time for a change, should we redesign our van. 

    To read more about our day out with Mercedes Benz, click here.

    Catch you on the streets,

    From your friend, bobby.