Made in Australia, Bobby is a soda company that is a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand

We are carbon neutral.

Bobby's Drinks Pty Ltd is certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active.

Read our PDS here Bobby - Climate Active - Public Disclosure Statement

We all have a role to play in protecting our environment. Our promise to our customers is that we will embrace environmental and sustainable solutions throughout our business practice.

Soft drink company Bobby is facing the sustainability issue head on, leading the brand in a carbon neutral and sustainability focused way

We want to encourage more small businesses to set sustainability standards from day one, and keep environmental practices at the forefront of what they do, rather than an afterthought. 

Our 2025 goal is to take this one step further and be Carbon Negative.

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How we're doing it

We joke around A LOT, too much some might say - however, we’re serious about doing business in the right way. So serious, in fact, that we brought on an independent sustainability team to help us achieve our carbon neutral and sustainability goals. Their first job was to help bobby become carbon neutral certified through Climate Active in year 1 of business. Their second job is to help us build an ongoing, ever changing sustainability strategy, which will allow us to grow, evolve and further decrease our carbon footprint.

We're always open to learning about advances in the environmental and sustainabiltiy space, drop us a line at to have a chat!

So, how does this work?

As we are a brand new business, we don't have any data to base our carbon emission output off. Until we have data to go on, we are guesstimating based on sales forecasts and growth projections to come to a hypothesised number of what we will potentially emit. From there, we will be able to purchase carbon credits against our forecasted emissions to bring bobby back to 0. (don't worry if we under forecast our emissions, we will rectify this, and participate in more carbon offset credit programs).

Our Packaging

bobby packaging is fully recyclable (recycled aluminium cans and cardboard slab), and we are constantly trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. What many people don't know is 'glass bottles have about a 95% bigger contribution to global warming than aluminium cans', you can't crush them and they don't look as good on shelf - bobby will always be in cans until something else comes along that is environmentally friendlier.

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