"not bobby" x darling distillery

February 27, 2024

hey there softie lovers and fizz fanatics, get ready to crack open a cold one and dive headfirst into the bubbling cauldron of splendour that is our brand-new community section!

bobby isn’t just about serving up delicious softies; we're about turning every sip into a full-blown party and every occasion into a blockbuster event. That's why we're launching this cheeky little corner of the internet, where we spill the tea (or should we say, soda?) on all things bobby, block parties, and our latest and greatest collections.

Expect to find insider secrets, scandalous stories, and maybe even a few surprises along the way. Whether you're a soda aficionado or just someone who appreciates a good time, consider this your official invitation to join the softie takeover!

no better way to get started than with a cheeky cocktail.

so over the silly season, bobby collaborated with our friends at Darling Distillery where we created the BOBBY X DARLING Cherry and Berry Christmas Gin

  • we’ve blended Bobby’s Classic berry charm with Darlings Gin’s award- winning finesse, kissed by local cherries and a touch of pine needle magic from our neighbouring parklands. 

    honestly it's one dangerously drinkable tipple… and tastes quite good mixed with our bobby softies.

    you may think why create a gin? And to that I say, but why not?

    bobby is passionate about bringing those shower thoughts to life. Collaborating with other local businesses, we strive to deliver the best to our bobby community. Plus we might know a thing or two about what makes a good drink.

  • little disclaimer:

    as we’re focused on better-for-you soft drinks here, this is “not bobby” and is not sold on our website.

    but.. good news, if you are over the age of 18+ and want to try the gin, it is sold in-store and online @ Darling Distillery.

    And lastly,

    because we love you guys - here's a sneak peak of our bobby cocktail recipe we included in the second edition of our bobby magazine which just launched1

or if you’re feeling a little lazy you can try the Cherry & Berry Gin with Bobby!! Bobby HQ recommendations are to use the Lemon Or Berry as a mixer. 

for all our non-alc drinkers we’ve got you sorted with some of the best sodas in Australia (just try a new flavour of our softies) ​​

So to wrap up.

  1. try the bobby x darling gin (if you are 18+)
  2. make a our berry pine delight cocktail and check out our second edition magazine!
  3. get ready for our next post… we know you’re gonna love it! 

love from, 

your friend bobby