• How do I log in and manage my subscription?

    Login to your bobby account via our customer portal! You’ll find the portal located at the top right-hand side of your page. After entering your email and password, select “manage subscriptions” to access your bobby subscription account powered by recharge!

    What can I edit on my bobby subscription?

    • Delivery location
    • Delivery frequency (2,4 or 6 weeks)
    • Delivery quantity (I WANT MORE !!!)
    • Personal details + payment method 
    • Adding +  swapping softie flavours
    • DELIVER NOW instead of later
    • Cancel at any time (dw we know you’ll be back)

  • HELP! Can I skip my next delivery?

    We get it! Just select the “skip my next delivery” option once you login to our bobby subscription customer!

    I ran out of bobbys, I want more now!

    You don't have to wait weeks for your upcoming order! Click the ORDER NOW option in your bobby subscription portal to have it delivered right away!

    Can I swap/add the softies in my subscription?

    Yes you can! All these changes can be done via your bobby subscription portal. Firstly, login in and then you will be able to swap out your current subscription flavour for another one of our softie flavours.

    To add a new flavour, purchase your new flavour as normal, just make sure to select the subscribe and save option before checking out! This will automatically be added to your subscription account.

  • Where is my recharge login code sent to?

    SMS or email! If you are using recharge for the first time and can’t find the code via SMS, it will be delivered to the email address used at checkout!

    How do I unsubscribe from my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription anytime in the “subscription” section of your bobby subscription portal.  

    As seen in our terms and conditions at sale, customers “must have subscribed to 2 charges/ payments before cancelling the subscription”.

    If you still have no idea what you're doing … just email heyfriend@drinkbobby.com and we’ll help ya!